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Timetable change - Monday 11 May

We have now started our new timetable.  This means that S1 will now be S2, S2 will be S3 and so on.  We are also welcoming back our seniors to begin their new courses.

All work will now be provided in Teams.  Work will be issued to pupils via the Assignments function in Teams.  This will make it very clear what work has been set.  There may be a quiz or other smaller activity posted in the Team feed.

We have worked to provide solutions for all families who have let us know that IT has been an issue getting work from Glow/Teams.  Please let us know if there are any issues that we do not yet know about.

Teaching staff can help by using Glow e-mails and also by posting a comment in the relevant team.  Please be mindful that teaching staff are not available 24/7 and it may not always be possible to reply instantly - please be patient.  Send a message and work on something else until you hear back. Feedback will be provided, where appropriate. 

Please share with us any work you have done or activities you are undertaking as a family while at home on our facebook and twitter pages.


The work below was set before the timetable changed.  It is likely some subjects will still be working on the Tasks set in here and so we will leave this avaiable for any junior school pupils who are having difficulties accessing Glow/Teams.

S1, 2 and 3

Teaching staff have provided work for the next 3 weeks - up until 15 May.  Have a look at how to structure your day so you know how to manage the tasks that are set.  We are trying to make sure everyone can access Glow and Teams - if you can't do this because you have no device or internet access - let us know and we will do what we can to get you online.

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S4 & 5

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